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Lal Maans


An authentic Rajasthani mutton preparation, mutton is marinated with kachari powder curd and the paste of mathania chilli, coriander and garlic.


Cooking vessel: Dakchi/patila



Mutton curry cut
Red Chilies paste (Mathania Chillies)
Whole coriander paste
Onion paste
Garlic paste
Turmeric powder
Slice onion
Chopped coriander  
1 kg
250 Gms
200 Gms
3 ½ Tbs
3 Tbs
3 Tbs
2 Tbs
1 Tbs
1 ½ Tsp
to taste
250 Gms
50 Gms
Clean & wash the mutton and drain out water.  
Mix all the paste, kachri and turmeric with curd.  
Heat the ghee in a dakchi or patila and fry the onion till golden brown.  
Now add the mutton and start frying, when mutton is nicely fried add the Masala, cook
When Masala starts leaving ghee
Add 3 cup warm water. The water should be 2’’ above the mutton in the dakchi to cover the mutton.
Now reduce the fire and cover the dakchi and cook the mutton till it is tender.
    Important ingredients used in Lal Maans :  

Mathania Mirchi : A very special quality of chilies grows in the Jodhpur’s Mathania village. The specialty of this chili is they are thick and 5 to 6 inches long afer dried, they give lovely colour and very good aroma to the lal maas.They are easily digestible.

Kachri : Kachri is a rainy season fruit which grown in the fields after rains. It looks greenish yellow in colour and is best to be plucked when they are of a lemon size. Peel and dry in the shade and store. Kachari powder works as a tenderizer and add sour taste to the Lal Maas.  

Ashwani 17 Years Culinary Journey
Ashwani found his Indian culinary calling 17 years back and there has been no looking back ever since. Having sharpened his creative and innovative skills with stints at some of the great hotels all over India. He now leads the culinary brigade at award winning restaurants Dilli32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi.
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