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    kachhe gosht ki biryani

Kacchi means raw. Famous Nizami style Hyderabadi biryani is more of masala base and sour in taste, where per cooked basmati rice is layered along with raw marinated meat, sealed and slowly cooked on dum....

    Tari wala Kukad  

Road side restaurant, which we called ‘’Dhaba’’ in Punjab makes chicken curry from pounded spice in a gravy of semi thick consistency. Uses of hamam dasta give very rustic taste to the curry.....

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    Navratra Marwari Food  

Marwari fasting menus contain no onion garlic and no cereal. All food is phalahari and cooked with sendha namak (rock salt)...

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    Lal Maans  

An authentic Rajasthani mutton preparation, mutton is marinated with kachari powder curd and the paste of mathania chilli, coriander and garlic...

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Panchkutta means, Ker, kumutiya, sangri, mathania chillies and whole amchoor. They all boiled first and then simmer in desi ghee, hing tempered curry..

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    Aloo Methi  

Baby potatoes and fresh fenugreek leaves cooked together with whole red chillies, cumin seed, coriander seed and garlic. This north Indian winter delicacy adds nutrition to your daily diet and has health benefits too.